Advantages Of SMS Marketing

Currently, the majority of firms, their budget on marketing are usually tight. The existing channels used in a company should have readily apparent benefits and the return on investment should be tangible. Most of the business enterprises are incorporating SMS into their marketing strategies. It has contributed to the total operating costs being decreased. The texting software by UltraSMSScript is great for SMS marketing in your company. Here are some of the advantages of SMS marketing;


Communication is instant

gfgfgfgfgfgStudies have shown that on average, text messages take duration of about seven seconds for it to be sent and delivered. Most of the individuals who use smartphones or mobile phones usually carry their devices whenever they are going. One will able to read the message instantly whenever the message is delivered or received on one’s device. People using smartphones usually check their devices immediately after waking up from sleep. Instant communication is achieved through SMS marketing.

Open rate is high

The average email’s open rate is considered to be about twenty-seven point two percent. Direct emails feature a high open rate of significantly ninety-one percent. SMS beats the combination of both the email and direct mail. The text message’s open rate is estimated at ninety-five percent. The difference can be easily seen. Text messages are preferred when one wants to guarantee individuals who will receive messages with an open piece of marketing. Hence, the lower the open rate, the success chances are less.

Personal details needed are limited

When it comes to the SMS marketing, individuals can opt to share as little details regarding them as possible and the required information will be delivered. Most of them may prefer receiving information regarding the discounts being offered on products and also special offers being carried out from the places they shop most. In most cases, the phone number plus the name of the client are what are provided.

Going green

Considering SMS marketing has led to a person’s substantial lowering of the carbon emissions to the environment, and paper wastage has decreased. SMS platform has contributed positively to the surrounding environment. The use of stamps, envelopes and paper has been eliminated which results in the reduction in the marketing cost. Text marketing is contributed to the environment going green.

Engagement levels are greater

gfgfgfgfgResearch done by a body known as Direct Marketing Association has shown that the direct mail’s typical response is about three point four two percent. It has shown that majority of people are responsive to text messages. Replying to text messages just requires few seconds, and one does not need to move one location to the other.