Manage and Secure Your WordPress Website

WordPress has evolved into one of the most effective and popular content management systems in the world. Millions upon millions of people, all around the globe, use it to build and manage their websites. However, like almost any other online-based tool and application, it is also vulnerable to some extent. Just like, basically, anything on the internet, WordPress is also susceptible to various malicious software attacks. If you have a WordPress site, it would not be uncommon for some hacker to dig out or intercept your password and login to your website.

This scenario can be a truly scary one, for anyone who has a serious online business, and who earns his livelihood from it. If you are one of those people, you would certainly do everything in your power to prevent someone from ruining your business. The purpose of this article is exactly to show you a couple of steps, with which you can enhance your website’s security.

Professional services

rytuijhbuvgtyThe first thing you should know is that managing and securing a website is not a straightforward task. If you want maximum protection, your best course of action would be to look for the services of a professional WordPress management & security company to take care of your WordPress website. These companies are staffed with experienced experts, who excel at managing, maintaining and securing WordPress websites. They are not only highly skilled but also experienced and updated with the latest revisions and changes.

However, if you simply cannot afford their services, there are some other methods you can utilize, to improve the safety of your website.


First and foremost, start off with your passwords. Any form of online security is mostly dependant on the passwords. What you should try to do is come up with a password that is extremely difficult to guess. Even though it might sound simple, this is your website’s first and, perhaps, most important line of defense.

Security plugins

Next up, consider using specialized security plugins. By checking the plugins section of your Administrator panel, you will find a wide range of various plugins, specifically designed to increase the security level of your website. Before downloading anything, make sure to check the rating and the number of downloads a certain plugin has. In most cases, the higher the rating and the more downloads a plugin has, the more effective it is.

Anti-virus software

In addition to security plugins, make sure to secure your website connection with a high-quality anti-virus software suite. Even though WordPress has its own, integrated security measures, which are designed to prevent malicious login, they are still only partially effective. To make your website much more secure and protect it from all kinds of malicious software and highly potent viruses, you will need a strong anti-virus. Always keep in mind that WordPress is incapable of making a difference between a human and a bot logging in from your device.tyiuojpi8u97

Web hosts

Lastly, keep in mind that your choice of the web hosting service will also influence the security level of your website. Make sure to avoid using free web hosting services because you will get what you pay for, and that is usually nothing. Always remember that security should be your number one priority, so be prepared to spend some money on it.